At The Human Corporation we help Canadian’s gain access to safe, high quality, lab tested cannabis for medical purposes. We offer our patients a turnkey solution to the ACMPR process, offering same day prescriptions, auto-production licenses, growing equipment and even grow room design and installations (special member pricing for services). Axed on education, our inhouse specialists are here to offer all the tools you need to get the most out of the ACMPR program.


Meet the team

First and foremost come and meet the team! You can either call us and book an appointment or walk in to visit our freshly renovated ressource center.

Cursory Evaluation

The cursory evaluation consists of learning the patients needs and informing them about cannabis therapy and its benefits.

Booking your appointment

Once the cursory evaluation is over and all questions have been answered the appointment with physician will be booked and we can move on to the next step.

Consultation with our physician

Skype call with a physician who will go over your medical history and needs, thanks to the cursory evaluation this process takes only a few minutes. The physician will have your prescription ready the same day.

Signing up

Signing up to a Licensed Producer (LP) Once you have you medical cannabis prescription you can now sign up to the LP or LP's of your choice. Thanks to the cursory evaluation you will already have your mind set and you will be ready to apply.

Personal production application

Once you have gotten your medical cannabis prescription we can now apply for your personal production license. The amount of cannabis plants you can grow will be decided using the amount of grams of cannabis per day prescribed by the physician. This application will take several weeks before being accepted, in the meantime you can still get your interim supply via te LP's you have registered with.

Evaluating equipment needs

If you plan on producing your own medical cannabis you will need the right equipment. For this you will be able to consult our in house growing expert and benefit from a patient discount on all our growing equipment and nutrients.

Exclusive member services

Once this process is all said and done you can benefit from our member services. Our services vary from information sessions, discounts, product transformation and storage. (Services will expand with community growth)

The Human Corporation offers a wide variety of services for it’s patients, from same day prescriptions to information sessions, equipment installations to product transformation.


Our cannabis friendly physicians are highly knowledgable and are there to see if cannabis therapy is right for your needs.


If cannabis therapy suits your medical needs a cannabis prescription can and will be prescribed, the amount of cannabis per day will depend on your conditions and consumption.


If you wish to grow your own cannabis or have a designated grower do it for you it can be arranged. We take care of the complex paperwork and coordinate the arrangements with health canada.


We offer discounts to our members and patients on all of our equipment suchas grow tents, lights, nutrients accessories and extraction systems.


When it comes to installing a cannabis grow wether it is at home or in a commercial space it is best to have this done by professionals and experienced growers. Maximizing the footprint and efficiency of the set up as well as having secure and safe installations to avoid fire hazards and property damage.


Master growers and experts are available for all of our patients and members. Consultations and training from these experts will be made available to help you.


Information sessions will be held regularly, varying from strain knowledge, growing tips, equipment installations and the different methods of growing as well as transformation methods and much more.


Patients will have the opportunity to mingle and amongst themselves via our meet-ups, offering patients to share their knowledge and experiences. Private sessions will also be organized giving the patients the chance to meet like minded people!


Guest speakers and specialist will have the chance to speak to our patients through information sessions, sharing their knowledge to patients who are new to the industry and wish to know more!

Are you eligible for medical cannabis?

Under Health Canada’s ACMPR program, tens of thousands of Canadians are legal to possess, use and grow medical cannabis. It has proven to be a safe alternative to most pharmaceuticals. The decision to prescribe medicinal cannabis is made solely by a Medical Doctor (MD) in consultation with the patient.

Growing your own medical cannabis?

Registering to produce your cannabis for medical purposes can be a heavy task, The human corporation will take care of this for you making the process quick and simple. Several options are available such and growing for yourself or with a Designated Grower. We will help you make the right choice and get you growing in no time.

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