Member Services

THC – The Human Corporation is currently working on and elaborating its member services and plans. More information will be made available to our members/patients during our consultations as well as upon inquiry. Offering the most services possible for our community is import to us at THC as we beleive that education about cannabis and its multiple uses and applications is very important.

Informative material and colateral shall also be readily available. Informative videos and documentaries will be added to playlists on our social media accounts as well as on our blog. Community groups will be created on our facebook page for members of THC to share ideas, product reviews and growing tips etc…

Compassionate Physicians

Our cannabis friendly physicians are highly knowledgable and are there to see if cannabis therapy is right for your needs.

Cannabis Prescriptions

If cannabis therapy suits your medical needs a cannabis prescription can and will be prescribed, the amount of cannabis per day will depend on your conditions and consumption.

Growing Licenses (ACMPR)

If you wish to grow your own cannabis or have a designated grower do it for you it can be arranged. We take care of the complex paperwork and coordinate the arrangements with health canada.

Equipment & Nutrients

We offer discounts to our members and patients on all of our equipment suchas grow tents, lights, nutrients accessories and extraction systems.

Installations Experts & Specialists

When it comes to installing a cannabis grow wether it is at home or in a commercial space it is best to have this done by professionals and experienced growers. Maximizing the footprint and efficiency of the set up as well as having secure and safe installations to avoid fire hazards and property damage.

Expert Growers & Specialists

Master growers and experts are available for all of our patients and members. Consultations and training from these experts will be made available to help you.

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be held regularly, varying from strain knowledge, growing tips, equipment installations and the different methods of growing as well as transformation methods and much more.

Patient Meet-ups

Patients will have the opportunity to mingle and amongst themselves via our meet-ups, offering patients to share their knowledge and experiences. Private sessions will also be organized giving the patients the chance to meet like minded people!

Guest Speakers &Specialists

Guest speakers and specialist will have the chance to speak to our patients through information sessions, sharing their knowledge to patients who are new to the industry and wish to know more!