Personal Production Licenses

Things to know:

If you have a “medical document” from a physician you can order medicinal cannabis from a Licensed Producer (L.P.) while your application is being processed by Health Canada.

  • If you receive a “registration certificate” from Health Canada you can continue to access cannabis from a Licensed Producer prior to harvesting your initial product.
  • You may also continue to access cannabis from a licensed producer while producing your own plants as long as the possession limit  is respected. Individuals can only use a Health Canada registration certificate to register with one licensed producer to access an interim supply.
  • If you have already sent your medical document to an LP, you may continue to order dried marijuana or oil products from that LP as per usual but if you want to grow for yourself, you will need to get a new medical document signed by your doctor, complete the registration document and then send to Health Canada to receive a “registration certificate”.

The Regulations

The regulations state that, where personal or designated cultivation is concerned, for every authorized gram per day, patients are able to cultivate up to 5 indoor or 2 outdoor cannabis plants.

Starting materials (seeds or clones) can only be purchased from a Licensed Producer. Only those individuals who have registered with Health Canada to produce a limited quantity of cannabis for their own medical purposes or to designate someone to produce it for them are permitted to purchase starting materials (plants and seeds) from licensed producers. A designated person is not permitted to register with a licensed producer to purchase starting materials.

The “Registration certificate” provided by Health Canada will indicate the number of cannabis plants that an individual or their designated person, can produce, and this number will determine how much starting materials the registered individuals can purchase. For example, the total number of plants you order from a Licensed Producer (L.P.) cannot be more than the number authorized on your registration certificate. If you want to order seeds, you may order 3 marijuana seeds for each authorized plant. If you are authorized to produce 5 plants, you may purchase a maximum of 15 seeds. Also, you can order plants and seeds more than once. If your crop is not successful, you can place another order with the same L.P. for more plants or seeds, but you cannot have more plants at your site than the number identified on your registration certificate.

Also some patients may wish to convert their raw cannabis into an oil extract (average ratio being 10 grams of dried cannabis = 1.25 grams of extracted product).

Required Documentation

Growing Yourself

  • If you wish to produce a limited amount of cannabis for your own medical purposes
  • If you want to designate a person to produce a limited amount of cannabis for your own medical purposes

You must meet the requirements of the ACMPR to grow cannabis for your own medical purposes. The requirements state that you must:

  • live in Canada
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • attest that you have not been convicted of a cannabis related offence
  • not be registered more than once at any time
  • If you are authorized to produce cannabis for yourself, you may also be authorized to produce for one other person if you are their designated person.

Important documents we will require:

  • the original medical document from your health care practitioner
  • the completed registration application form
  • a signed and dated declaration from the person who owns the site where you intend to produce consenting to the production if:
  • you do not own the site or
  • it is not your ordinary place of residence

Designated Grower

If you want another person to grow cannabis on your behalf, you may designate a person to do so. The person you designate to grow cannabis for your medical purposes must meet the following requirements:

  • live in Canada
  • be 18 years of age or older

This person can be authorized to grow under no more than 2 registrations in total, which means that they could:

  • Be authorized to produce cannabis for him or herself and you if they are the person you have designated
  • Be authorized to produce cannabis for 2 people, other than him or herself, as their person they have designated

Registration Certificate

You cannot legally grow until you receive a “Registration Certificate”. The Registration Certificate has the location of the site, daily dose in grams, storage limit in grams, number of plants, and possession limit in grams. The storage limit, like the number of plants, and possession limit, is indexed to your grams per day and amount of dried cannabis or its equivalent you can store.